Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

This past 4th of July I had the pleasure of spending it with most of my family in Nebraska. We had a great couple of days of swimming, hanging out with the family and fireworks.

We went down to Wahoo to enjoy the picnic and games in the park which we always attended when I was a little girl. I was a bit sad to see that they didn't have as good attendance as we had when we were kids. I guess I was just having a bit of a nostalgic day of 4th of July in small town USA.

After our little picnic all of the cousins went swimming in Wahoo (the town where my Parents were born and my Grandma lives). Here are some pictures of the pool.


Isaac a little cold after his first dip!


Abby enjoying the water!


Becky and Aiden


Angus really didn't understand the whole concept of the 10 minute rest break. We don't have those in China.


Aiden didn't mind the break.


They had fun games at the pool and the kids were to go under water and fetch some diver sticks and in turn they would get a lollipop. Of course you didn't have to tell our kids twice!

The funny thing about 4th of July at the Wahoo Pool is that back when I was Angus' age I went swimming at the Wahoo Pool on 4th of July. The next week in the Wahoo Newspaper was a picture of me swimming in the baby pool. I wish we had digital photos back then and I could share it with you!

After swimming my dear, sweet 90 year old Grandma invited us to dinner at her apartment complex. She reserved the party room for us and had the food catered by the local grocery store. She also treated us with some patriotic music on the electric keyboard!


Grandma tinkering on the ivories!

After dinner we went back to Fremont to watch the fireworks display there. We found a great place to sit in a field. The kids quite enjoyed the field because they were able to run around and be crazy for a while.


Isaac and Gemma



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