Saturday, July 12, 2008

John C. Fremont Days

While we were back in Nebraska we had the pleasure of attending one of the most popular events of the summer in my hometown, John C. Fremont Days. Fremont was named after John C. because he was know as an explorer and was nicknamed the 'Pathfinder'. I was really excited to attend because it was the 21st year of these Days and I had heard from my parents that it had turned into quite the event. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the evolution of this event and really enjoyed everything about it.


The highlight of the event for me was being introduced to a band called the String Beans. Now maybe I shouldn't be the one that got all excited, but these Wigglesque band were hugely entertaining and their tunes were extremely catchy.


Gemma eating her kettle corn on Grandma's lap.


Angus and Abby really enjoyed the String Beans, but from a distance.


Poor Aiden was bit by some type of bug the night before and had a horrible allergic reaction. My poor sister had to endure jokes about her being an abusive mother all week-end long.


We also had the pleasure of attending the parade. Here was one of the tractors that was a hit with the boy cousins!


And the old cars were popular too!


My favorite was the marching bands!

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