Friday, July 04, 2008

A Visit with the Nishumuras!

While we were in Nebraska I stopped by my Great Aunt Misao's (Gerry) house to see if she was around. To my luck and surprise not only was she there, but her daughter Barbara, her son-in-law Hisao, and grandson Matthew were all there from California for the 4th of July. I usually do see Matthew when I am in Nebraska because he usually spends the summer with his Grandmother, but what a great coincidence that both his parents were also visiting. We made plans to have breakfast and then go out to my Great Aunt's lake house to see her. It was really great catching up with them and we hope to make a yearly thing as they always go around 4th of July.


Gemma and Hisao


The Nishimuras, Aunt Gerry and the kids and me.


The Nishimuras, Jonny and the kids.


Aunt Gerry and her family


The Dallas Family

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