Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to China

We have a 7:59 am flight tomorrow to Chicago to catch our flight to Beijing. I cannot believe how quickly a month has flown by. I believe I have had a very relaxing time in Nebraska compared to my day to day life in Chengdu. The kids however probably will sleep for days when we get back as I have never seen them play so hard in their little lives.

I was really hoping to catch up with my blogging, but I haven't even posted my 4th of July pictures yet. We will see if I have time between the jet lag and our trip to Northern Ireland (we leave a week from Thursday!!!). I guess I should have caught up while I was here because it wouldn't have taken me as long because the internet connection is so fast it is unbelievable!!! Until next summer!!!

Here are a few shots of today. We hung out with my sisters and their kids.


Angus and Aiden playing in the sand. Boy are my kids going to miss this!!!


Gemma and Isaac on the trampoline. And this too!!!


The cousins! (Gabe couldn't be with us because he was going to Adventure Land.)


Aunt Becky and Gemma


and Angus


Aunt Jenny with Angus


and Gemma


The Hendersons


The Woods

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