Sunday, July 06, 2008

Henry Dorley Zoo...The Best Zoo in the World!!!

One of the most favorite things I like to do with the kids while I am home in Nebraska is to take them to "The Best Zoo in the World!!!", Omaha's very own Henry Doorly Zoo. I actually didn't get a chance to go last year and I was really and I was really sad because this zoo is the tops and it is so enjoyable for the entire family! Now if I could only talk the rest of my family to go!


We started our trip with the Desert Dome!


It looks like the Outback of Australia when you first walk in.


Even down to the kookaburra sitting in the old gum tree!


Then we moved on to our old stomping grounds!


The kids in the Sonoran Desert of their home state Arizona!


We were able to see our favorite Javalina! Just don't call him pig!

They also had their nocturnal exhibit in the basement of the Desert Dome. It is really creepy because there are lots of bats, snakes, and spiders. There is even a swamp section with some other scary animals.


The alligator really freaked me out in the dark.


But we also were able to see some adorable beaver busy at work.


Next we were off to the Lied Jungle which is an indoor rainforest. Angus in the boat at the entrance of the Jungle.


Here is a view from the inside of the faux-Jungle.


There were gorgeous birds from the Amazon.


And some Tapirs too!


Gemma and Angus taking a break in the Jungle.


There were all types of monkeys and chimpanzees.


When we strolled out of the Lied Jungle we saw what appeared to be a baby zebra, but I never had it confirmed by anyone at the zoo.


We went on to my favorite exhibit the Scott Aquarium. I think the penguins were the hit of the zoo for me and the kids. We could have spent hours here watching these adorable creatures.


We went through the aquarium tunnel where there were sharks and manta rays all around us. There were a few scuba divers in the tank and Angus screamed "Daddy!!".


The sharks were really cool to see floating around the tunnel tank. This is a side view of the end of the tunnel tank.

After the aquarium the kids decided they want to catch the steam train to the other side of the zoo. We bought our tickets, but while we were waiting we took a look at a few other animals.


There were more penguins, but these were the little penguins that you find down on Philip Island, Australia.


The funny thing was that the giraffes and the little penguins shared an area.


The ostriches and zebras also shared space with some Emus that didn't want to be photographed.


Here comes the train!


As we got off the train we saw this extremely attractive peacock. I have to say I think they are most beautiful thing in the entire zoo!


The kids were happy to take a ride on the carousel.

We then went on to the Hubbard Gorilla Valley which would have to be my 2nd most favorite exhibit in the zoo. It is quite new and there are so many gorillas and they are massive!


Angus is almost as big as an orangutan!


I took this picture because it reminded me of one that was taken 2 years ago when Gemma was 4. She is definitely taller than a ring-tailed lemurs tail!


She wasn't back then, but same look!


One of the big windows in the Hubbard Gorilla Valley.


These animals were gigantic!

It was another fantastic trip to the zoo! While I was research the contents of this post I learned that the Henry Doorly Zoo is the 4th best zoo in the U.S. as rated by user ratings on Trip Advisor. I think it is probably the best though! I highly recommend a trip to Omaha if only to see this incredible zoo!

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