Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gingar has landed!

Last Friday I headed to Beijing to meet up with our dear friend Brian. He was coming over for a two week visit with us. The night before I left Brian had already left for China and left me a message letting me know that his flight was delayed by about 3 hours. We had timed our flights out perfectly, so I was going to have to wait at the airport for 3-4 hours. I quickly emailed our friend Reed who moved to Beijing last spring and she invited me to check out her work, Dulwich College.

It was really great to see Reed and I was so impressed by Dulwich College (British International School in Beijing). She gave me a tour around the school and also introduced me to the founder of the school. We headed to Reed's house and we were able to catch up. Her husband Bruce came home and let me use their car to go back to the airport to pick Brian up.

I thought I was late and that Brian would be lost in the airport somewhere, but it took him about an hour to get his luggage and get through customs.


Here he is, the weary traveler!

Bruce and Reed had invited us to dinner and we accepted. We went back to pick them up and then on to a very yummy Chinese restaurant. We ordered so much food and it was absolutely delicious!


Here we are with Reed and Bruce.

Brian faded quickly and we said our good-byes and headed to our hotel.

Hope to have more of our adventure posted later!

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Jill said...

So glad Brian made it in safe and sound. You look great as always and your legs look great!