Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jingshan Park-Forbidden City-Tian'anmen Square

On our first day in Beijing we headed to Jingshan Park. It is a beautiful park just north of the Forbidden City. We had gorgeous weather and blue skies, which is not very common in China's big cities.

We walked around the park and there were lots of people around playing musical instruments and dancing. There were other people playing cards and young people playing hackysack. Everyone was happy and having a great time. We stopped and watch some dancers that were really having a nice time. I have a little video clip for your enjoyment!

We walked around the park, which was really beautiful. Jingshan Park is a beautiful imperial park and in former times belonged only to the emperors in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties (1271-1911). For their enjoyment they used to climb the hill, admire the scenery and eat and drink in the park.

Brian thought he should dress accordingly.


Here is Brian with the Forbidden City in the background.


A temple in the park.


The gorgeous peony garden! They are one of my favorite flowers!

After the park we headed to the Forbidden City for tour. We hired a guide to accompany us through the city. It was well worth the money and very entertaining. Here are some of our photos.







Me and Brian



Brian with his new favorite beer "Yan Jing" and our guide David Yang. (Yes, you can walk around these tourist attractions and drink beer!)




Brian and me with our guide David


Outside the Forbidden City and the big painting of Chairman Mao.

We headed to lunch at a place recommended by my friend Irini. It was a place called Din Tai Feng which served dumplings. These weren't just any dumplings, but dumplings with soup inside them. She told me that her husband and she called them "dumplings from heaven". She was lying, they were heavenly!!!

After our beautiful lunch we headed to Tian'anmen Square. We were a bit disappointed as there isn't much to see there. Brian got his first chance to bargin on something. There was a guy selling Mao watches and I made the mistake of saying hello to him. The guy would not leave us alone. Brian ended up buying the watch at the end of it and making a new friend.


Brian and the watch guy!


A picture from the Square looking over at the Forbidden City.

More to come!!!