Monday, May 07, 2007

Tibetan Home Stay

After our trek through Jiuzhaigou National Park we moved accommodations to a Tibetan Homestay with Andrew's friend. We arrived around 7 pm and were very impressed with the set up. Unfortunately by the time we arrived I was feeling so ill from lack of caffeine that I pretty much went to bed. I was really disappointed because the owner of the homestay made us dinner of Yak Butter Tea and boiled potatoes. I was so nauseous that I couldn't even drink anything. Hopefully I will get the chance to try the tea again sometime!


Here we all are in the main room before I headed to bed.

The bedrooms were really great. We had two very comfortable beds and a basin with a canteen of hot water to wash up. The bathroom was down that hall and was Chinese-style squatters. I haven't talked too much about squatters as I try to avoid them at all costs. They are basically a porcelain hole in the ground in which you squat on your haunches to go to the bathroom. During that night Gemma and I became professional squatter users!

Gemma had a ball at the house. The owner of the homestay had a 12, 11, and 9 year old who spoke mainly Tibetan. Gemma speaks a bit of Chinese, so she would have been able to communicate with the kids a little bit, but everyone was amazed at how well the kids were able to communicate with each other without even speaking.


Gemma and the kids playing a little pool.


Here is the lodge where we stayed.


The inside of the main room. It was beautifully painted!


More of the interior.



A view of the gorgeous snow capped mountains outside the lodge.


A view of the village across from the lodge. This is a traditional Tibetan Village.


A close-up of the village. The colorful flag are prayer flags.


We went for a little walk outside the property the lodge was on and there were three farmers planting trees. Gemma went to check out what they were doing.


I met some boys who were playing basketball and shot some hoops with them. They were really good players!


This boy was so shy, but I finally convinced him to let me take his picture.


Gemma ran back to the house to play with her new friends. The spent about an hour collecting dandelions from their property.


After our walk and a fabulous lunch of boiled lamb and shredded potatoes we headed down the road to meet Andrew. We took a few snapshots of our new friends and said our good-byes.


Here is me with the owner of the lodge. We are planning on coming back to stay with them again in August with Jonny's parents.

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Jill said...

Kim, that lodge is gorgeous! Sounds like such a neat experience. It's amazing how well kids can communicate with each other.