Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jiuzhaigou National Park

On Wednesday morning we woke up early and went in the park before the other 25,000 tourists could make their way in. It was quite chilly when we started out, but it was great because we pretty much had the entire park to ourselves!


Here is Miss Gemma getting started. We were all a little underdressed and our hands were freezing! As you can see the park has a lovely boardwalk to walk through the park. This is great for tourist and also great for the park.


The lakes had absolutely clear water. This was a shot I took of the mountain reflecting off the lake.


The beautiful blue water. Notice the snow capped mountains in the background.


More water


Another spectacular lake with the mountains reflecting in it. I just couldn't believe how clean and clear the water is in this park. Most of the large cities in China have horrible air pollutions and they are just plain dirty. It was hard to believe we were still in China.


Gemma and I striking a pose. Gemma had to strike a pose for most of the time we were in the park. There were mainly Chinese tourist in the park and they all wanted their pictures with the little red head. She was a great sport about it and didn't get to annoyed.


This was Peacock Lake, a perfect name for it I thought.


Gemma really wanted to take photos during our trip through the park. I think it made it more interesting for her. Here is a great shot that she took towards the end of our day.


Here is another picture taken by Gemma. We were relaxing in the sun as we had been hiking for 6 solid hours.

After we had our rest we decided to call it a day and try to go back into the park the next day. We went to the Star Cafe, the place we went to the day before for lunch. We relaxed for a while until Andrew was finished with work and was able to take us to our next adventure!

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Tracy said...

Those are some amazing pictures!! What beautiful water shots. You and gemma are very lucky to experience something so wonderful!!