Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mutianyu - The Great Wall of China

On Monday we rose early and headed out to the Great Wall at Mutianyu. The last time I had went to the wall we went to Badaling which is much more touristy and crowded. This time our friend Reed gave us some tips and pretty much planned our itinerary including driver! The other exciting part of our itinerary was that we were able to see the house that Bruce and Reed purchased in a village by the Great Wall! The house is under construction and they are adding a couple of rooms. Here are a few of the pictures of the house.


Here is a picture of the front corner of the house. I believe this is where the main entrance to the house will be.


This was the old main entrance, but they are keeping it and it will be part of the hallway.


This is a view of the Great Wall from the living room they are adding on.


This will be the master bedroom and loft area.

I was unable to get good pictures of the inside of the existing house. There will be a large kitchen, a guest room, and a guest bathroom in that area. It will be gorgeous when it is completed! I hope that I will be invited back to see the final product!

After our visit to the house we headed to The Schoolhouse which is owned by an American man who has lived in China for 22 years. He owns a house in the village of Mutianyu and is the person that has negotiated the house for Bruce and Reed. In the village he lives in there are many foreigners who also renovated houses. He bought an old schoolhouse and renovated it into a restaurant, a glass art studio, and a country store. Here are a few pictures from The Schoolhouse.



Here is where the kitchen located along with some meeting rooms and restrooms.


The glass studio and gift shop is located downstairs. While the restaurant is located on the upstairs patio.


Here was the view from our table at lunch.

After lunch we headed to the wall for some sightseeing. We were very fortunate to have really great weather for our day which was great for our views. We decided to take the ski lift up to the top and take the toboggan ride down to the bottom. I have to say it was much more impressive at this area of the wall then at Badaling. There wasn't as many tourists and the hike seemed to be much safer Here are some of our snapshots from our hike.









Brian and I posing at The Wall.

I tried to take pictures of Brian going down on the toboggan, but he went too quickly so I decided I would video the ride down. I have to say it was extremely entertaining.


michelle said...

Kim, great video. I love reading about your adventures. We're doing well here in Phoenix. Take care.

jill said...

The Toboggan looks like so much fun. Sounds like you two are having a very busy but great time.