Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chinese Baby Clothes

The last few days that we have been walking around Chengdu I have seen quite a few babies and toddlers. Imagine that in a country of over 1 billion people. I noticed that all of these children were wearing pants that were completely open in the crotch and bum and they weren't wearing a diaper, note even cloth. I asked our relo consultant why they didn't wear diapers and he simply said they just squat when they have to go, wherever they are. I also asked one of the teachers at Gemma's school, who is married to a Chinese man and she told me her sister-in-law paper trained all of her children. Yep, you heard me right paper trained just like a puppy. I have also been told that you need to watch the trolleys/carts at the supermarkets and the play equipment at the parks because most likely a child has relieved themselves in or on them. Unfortunately, I did not bring any Purell and I haven't found any yet. I am going to be requesting a shipment from my Mother-in-law and Mom as soon as I speak to them next. On the positive side of this, with the worlds most populated country at least they aren't using disposable diapers and polluting up the world even more.

As for today, we found a scrummy Indian restaurant just down the street from the hotel. Tomorrow we have our immigration physical, which we have heard is very strange.

My Chengdu for the day is wash your hands after touching almost anything here.

My Chengdon't for the day is don't for get your Purell before you come for a visit.

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Tracy said...

It sounds like a amazing place. I can't believe how cheap the food is! That is amazing about how the kids are potty trained, I can't imagine having to do that. Can't wait to see some pic's, Are you able to put them on your blog?