Monday, September 19, 2005

Request for pictures!

I have been getting quite a few requests for photos. Unfortunately right before we left for China my laptop decided to poop out on me, so all of my photo software, etc. Is on it. I have been relying on Jonny's work laptop and the computer at the hotel to email and post on my blog. Today I took a major step into remedying the problem. I had one of the girls at the school find a person to fix our computer. The guy came to the hotel and picked up my computer and said he would have it done in 3 days and it would cost me between $12.50 - $25. Now how is that for cheap! The only issue with this is that he didn't speak any English and I had to call the girl at the school to translate to him for me. We will see how the computer turns out! So hopefully I have pictures to share some time soon.

Not much news today. I went out with our driver today, but it looks like Jonny will be firing him very soon. He grew up in Chengdu and it seems that we no more about getting around the city than he does. We also tried a new restaurant for dinner called Peter's. It is a Tex-Mex place and I have to say it wasn't bad. I had fajitas, which were tasty. They even had sour cream, which totally surprised me. I do have to say the tortillas were a bit on the flourery side, but eatable.

My Chengdu for the day is BYOT, bring your own tortillas!

My Chengdon't for the day is don't get to emotionally attached to your driver.

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