Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Little Bit Homesick

I don't know what is was about today that made me homesick. Maybe it was because my social life has slowed down considerably. Maybe it is because my 3rd niece (see Baby Abby) was born and I haven't had a chance to meet her or my other two new nephews. It might be that there is a totally different smell in the air here (I have a very sensitive sniffer.). Maybe it is because I am have been living in a hotel for the past 2 weeks and can't find a place to call our own. All that I know is when I was having lunch this afternoon I had huge pangs of homesickness.

I miss talking on the phone to my dad every chance I get. I have been lucky enough to talk to him a handful of times since we arrived, but I can't wait until we find a house and I can get myself a Vonage account!

I am really missing my friends. I am desperate to meet new friends here! I miss my book club. I miss my knitting group. I miss my MOMS Club.

I am really missing the dogs. I keep seeing people with their dogs here and think about how great it would be if we had our dogs with us. I know it is for the best right now since we don't have a house and they would be sitting in quarantine until who know when. Hopefully when we come home this summer we will be able to bring one of them back with us.

O.K., I have whined enough. Feel sorry for me? I have positive thoughts for this week. I plan on finding a house and also I am planning on going into the grocery store and try to sort out what everything is since it is all written in Chinese.

Tomorrow I am going to the grand opening of Starbuck's in Chengdu. There are actually two opening this week. This should help my homesickness a little.


Tracy said...

I'm sure as soon as you find a place to live and call home you won't be as homesick. Good luck this week finding something GREAT! We will miss you at bookclub.

Maura said...

Sorry you are feeling homesick. It can only get better.
Good luck this week. Take Care!