Friday, September 16, 2005

On our own

Today Jonny went in to work and we were on our own. Angus and I walked Gemma to school and met Tanya, the mother of one of Gemma's classmates whose husband works with Jonny. Tanya invited Angus and I over to see her place. I was so excited to see that there was hope for us in finding a place of our own. Their place was awesome! It was very spacious with a garden out the back of the house, a great kitchen and western-style furniture (and I don't mean cowboy furniture!). We may take it upon ourselves to find a house since the real estate agent doesn't seem to get what we are looking for. We have heard from other expats that the real estate agents get huge commissions from certain landlord, so they will only show us properties of the landlords that they know.

Today was very relaxing to me for the most part. While the kids napped I was able to actually read, not skim the paper and I worked on my clapotis that I am knitting.

I almost forgot to mention, I went to my first book club meeting last night. It was great meeting the other members of the Chengdu International Women's Club. Most everyone was their either as Intel employees/wives, consulate employees/wives or teachers at Gemma's school. It was a great group, but quite a bit tamer then my old group. We are reading My Sister's Keeper for the October meeting, which looks really good. I have also agreed to teach the group how to knit!

My Chengdu of the day is get excited when you see something you don't expect to see. For example, I let out a yell in the car when we drove by a yarn shop in Chengdu!. Whoopeee!!!

My Chengdon't of the day is don't drink too much wine upon arriving in a new city and then attempt to walk home by yourself.


Kate said...

Oh, I loved MSK - we read it in our book club earlier this year. Let me know what you think of the ending - it totally shook me up.


Meyer Family said...

Hi Guys.....Just your old neighbors checking in! You sound the chendus/don'ts. Glad to hear you're getting out.....maybe you could do a Card Club?! Not sure if Euchre is universal, but Texas Hold'em might be...good luck! Take care over there! Karen and the gang!

Meegan Blue said...

You absolutely amaze me! I am so impressed with the way you jump in and involve yourself, make new friends, and find cool places. Never mind the fact that you're in a completely new and foreign country with two small children! I am having so much fun reading about your adventures, and am really glad that you're settling in so well. I had no doubt that you guys would adjust beautifully, but it's nice to hear all about it. We miss you here in the Northwest.