Thursday, September 15, 2005

House Hunting

This morning we were all still very upside down time wise and woke at 3:30 a.m. We decided to send Gemma to school right away to make sure she would make friends quickly. We all walked to Gemma's new school and she was totally fine being left for the morning. I was a little sad that she was so eager, but if she was ok, then I could be ok.

We were looking forward to our day today, because today was the day we were going to find a new place to call home. Unfortunately my hopes were a little too high. We had put a place called China Garden high on our list of prospective new homes. We looked at 5 different house within this compound and there was only one that I liked, but it was so kid unfriendly. There were 3 flights of stairs to get to the place and then 2 flights inside of it. There were also two balconies, which make me very nervous. The place was spacious enough and had very nice furniture. It also had a patio with a koi pond on the roof, which was really cool. On the brightside of house hunting, after we pick a place to lease, I will be able to go shopping with the landlord and pick out furniture and appliances. Whoopeee!!!

We returned back to the hotel for lunch and decided that we would take our time getting into a place instead of jumping in and regretting our decision. Jonny went to pick Gemma up from school and I put Angus down for his afternoon nap. Gemma had a great day at school! She met lots of new kids, her class is the largest with 12 kids. The director of the school and her teacher said she had no problems at all. She is already looking forward to school again tomorrow!

Jonny headed out with our relo guy, Patric again this afternoon. I decided that if he sees anything worthwhile, I would go and look at it tomorrow while he is at work.

In exciting social news, I am going to attend my first Chengdu International Women's Club meeting tonight. They are having book club and I am very excited to attend as I am going to miss my book club at home so much!!! I hope they are great fun like the girls back home!

My Chengdu of the day is eat Chinese Dim Sum food for breakfast. Mmmmmm....pan-fried dumplings!!!!

My Chendon't of the day is don't have too high of expectations of any situations. You will be disappointed if you do! It is always better to be pleasantly surprised.


Abundant Universe said...

Do you know about this speaking it Canada website that pretty much covers speaking it Canada related stuff.

You could by to check it out, when you get the time. They have good stuff!!

Mel said...

I agree! Dim Sum is a wonderful thing! I'm enjoying the do's and don'ts. Glad to hear Gemma is loving the new environment. PS. Murphy and the cats are starting to adjust to each other.

Tracy said...

Hi Kim-
So glad to hear you guys are getting settled in. Thats great that gemma has started school. Hope you guys find a great place to live soon.

Maura said...

Please post a picture of Angus. I am missing my little "Squeshi". Did I spell that right?
Glad to here Gemma is settling in so quickly. You go girl, just like your mama!