Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 12: Book Club


Jill, the hostess with the mostess!

Friday night was a big treat for me. Jill hosted book club a her house and we had a Chinese theme. We were all to read the book "The Good Woman of China" by Xinran and everyone was to bring some type of Asian appetizer and I made jiaozi (a.k.a gyoza or Chinese dumplings). Everyone showed up a little late and ready to rock n roll.

I think it was an absolute record in the 4 year history of our book club. We didn't even mention the book. I have to say I was a little disappointed, but thanks to Kelly I was thoroughly entertained the entire night. Wink, wink!

Here are a few snapshots of the night.


Jeanette, our single vixen who always has a great stories about her love life.


Annette, not a book club regular, but a longtime friend of mine.


Kathleen, our hot mama! Isn't she a fabulous looking pregnant woman!


Tracy, who was also very in love with something that night. He, he!


Pam, one of the founding members of book club.


Nancy another founder, took a short hiatus from book club, but is now back to join us again.


Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly....


Kelly really loved everyone Friday! She kept telling all of us how much! Here is Kelly, Tracy, and Pam in a group hug!


Kelly, Tracy and me having a cuddle.


Lisa trying to cop a feel on Jill.

We had a great time on Friday and it totally made me more homesick than I have been so far. Even though I have been gone for 9 months I feel that we all picked up where we left off. There is something to be said about old friends. Kelly really made me feel good that night, she kept calling me the connector because I have introduced her to many of my friends and they have become friends. I am so happy that I have had the pleasure of introducing so many people to each other and that they have become friends. I hope one day we will return to Arizona and join in all the connections!


Tracy said...

I'm very glad I'm wearing my bathing suit in the pics! I had so much fun. I can't believe we never mentioned the book at all. I liked it, very interesting to learn so much about another culture.

VeryApeAZ said...

LOL. It looks like snapshots from a "Girls Gone Wild" video. ;-)

Glad you all had fun.

potusol said...

Ok, why did I think these were gonna be topless pictures? Not that they're not lovely. : )

Actions and Consequences said...

When are you going to get to "It's 'mo time!"
Enough with pictures of your extra cute kids.. where is my extra cute bf!
OH I like you. But not in a sick and perverted way.