Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 2: Catching up with the Galloways

Yesterday we had a better day. We headed to the most beautiful gym in the whole wide world Lifetime Fitness. I had an appointment with Doug Bailey the personal trainer I have been training with from afar. We also saw many of our friends from Lifetime that worked in the childcare that used to dote on my kids. We had such a warm rewelcome! met my friend Annette and we did a buddy training session, which was awesome! We had a great work-out and it was great to finally meet Doug in person. He taught me how to adapt many of the exercises to my gym in China.

After the work-out we went back to the hotel to have a quick shower and try to get Angus to nap. Unfortunately that didn't work to well, but we were able to make a trip to Target! I would have to say Target was the store I missed most while in China. Everything there was so familiar and I was able to find almost everything I needed. We spent an hour pursuing the aisles and I found all the necessities like diapers, sunscreen, swim diapers, a car seat for Gemma, sippy cups for the kids, wipes, shampoo, hair spray for Angus' new Mohawk, sunglasses for Gemma, etc. I also bought a bottle of nice wine for dinner which is a new addition to Target since we left.

We headed over to our friends the Galloways for dinner. We had a lovely time and a yummy dinner of Talapia with a tomato-olive relish, brown rice, and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. We also had a nice bottle of wine and great conversation. We decided to take the kids swimming, which was a bit crazy because I forgot my swimsuit. Angus loves to swim and is not a bit afraid of the water. Of course he was jumping and running away from me the entire time and I ended up completely soaked.

We had a lovely evening and great company! We look forward to more visiting and catching up with friends.

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