Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 5: Tatum's Birthday Party


Hi Daddy!

This morning I was awoken to a phone call from one of Jonny's co-worker from work in China. It scared the crap out of me because I couldn't imagine why he would be calling me and not Jonny personally. He was calling to let me know that Jonny had called him to ask him to call me and let him know that he is alright. He is just in Tao Ping Village dancing around the fire with a bunch of Tibetans and not to worry. I had told Jonny to do a bunch of traveling on the week-ends while we were gone to scope out the areas for us to take possible trips with the kids. Some of the places we have thought about visiting aren't totally sure they are kid friendly, so Jonny is doing the leg work to see if it is a potential place to visit with the kids.

Today we met Pam and Murray for a nice breakfast at Wonderful Wanda's. If you haven't tried this Chandler greasy spoon you might want to try it the next time you are in Chandler. It is a typical American/Southwestern breakfast joint, but without the wait. We had a nice breakfast and great company. After breakfast we headed to mail a few things and then to the Honda dealership to fix our DVD player.

OK, Jill told me not to tell anyone this, but I have to. I went to have the DVD player fixed in the van because I thought something was wrong with it since we had to change the battery. I waited for someone to help me and I showed the guy what error I was getting on my display. He waited patiently and then said to me "Is that a DVD or a CD your are trying to play? You might want to try putting the DVD in the DVD player." I was so embarrassed. I had been putting the DVD in the CD player! I guess not being in my own van for so long I completely forgot about the DVD and CD players not being one unit! I felt so stupid!

After my embarrassing moment we headed to the gym for a quick work-out before getting ready for Tatum's 1st Birthday Party.

We headed to the mall before the party to have lunch and pick up new shoes for Angus. Angus was in dire need of new sandals and Nordstrom was having their Anniversary Sale, I must go back when I have more time! We also had lunch at one of my favorite eateries Wildflower Bread Company. I had the Caribbean Cobb salad and their tasty Iced Tea.

We arrived at Casa Barkat early to visit with friends who had to go to mass, so they came a bit early. Marion, Daniel and her 3 boys came to visit with us and it was great to see them. People started arriving and the party was getting started. I was so happy to see many of my friends for the first time since we arrived. We had a nice time in the pool and the kids had fun with their old friends. Here are a few snapshots from the evening although I must admit I just took my camera out about an hour before we left.


Pam, Kelly, Tracy, and Jill


The happy couple! Murray and Pam I have to say I have never seen Pam so happy!


Gemma, a picture for her Daddy


Angus, a picture for Daddy

We had a great night, but I must admit I am exhausted! I think I need one day of recovery to get me through this week! I didn't realize how hard it would be to be a single parent, especially with Angus!

One last photo, this is a picture of what is right outside our hotel room. I think it is quite different from most of the places I have been this year, but to me it screams "HOME". I didn't ever think I would here myself say that about Phoenix, Arizona, but to me it is home.


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Love the pictures! Your kids are so cute!