Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 7: A Spariffic Day


Jill and me having a bite to eat in between our spa treatments.

Today started off not on the best note. I was trying to talk to Jonny on the phone, get two kids ready for a doctors appointment, and check out of a hotel all at the same time. Of course Gemma decides this is the day she is not going to dress herself or be much help to me. I wasn't even quite sure where Angus' doctors appointment was going to be. He has had kidney reflux and went to a Pediatric Urologist before we left for China, but I went to have his test in Mesa last year. I drove to Phoenix Children's Hospital where I thought the appointment was and I was right!

Luckily I have never had to go to this hospital before, but I couldn't believe how great it was. It was such a great place for children and seemed to accommodate families very well. It is kind of a sad place to be, but I can see how comforting it would be for parents with sick or injured children staying there or going there for test. I felt comforted and we were just going on a follow-up visit.

Angus had his test and it appears that his last year of growth has resolved his kidney reflux problem. I was so relieved to hear that because our health care in Chengdu is not up to US standards. It is just one less thing I have to worry about while I am living there. Tomorrow we will confirm with the Pediatric Urologist that he is ok and that I will not have to try to cram yucky pills down his throat anymore.

After the doctor we headed down to Chandler to drop the kids off at their friends Carson and Harrison's house. Hallie graciously offered to watch the kids for the afternoon while I was able to go to the spa with Jill. It was so great to see Hallie and the kids again. I even got to see Shannon Hallie's husband!

Jill and I met at the Aji Spa a little before 1 pm. We had been planning this outing for months! We asked both of our husbands for a gift certificate for Mother's Day for a trip to the spa this summer. We had a lovely day and great conversation! I had a facial, which was so lovely I fell asleep. After my facial we headed to the restaurant for a late lunch and a couple cocktails. After lunch Jill and I had a "Couple's massage" which was very romantic (he, he!). If you ever have a chance to go to this spa I would definitely recommend it. It is a beautiful setting and just a nicely put together spa.

I picked the kids up and took them to dinner at the Chandler Mall. We ate at Wildflower again and I sort of feel guilty about it. Since I only have two more weeks left in AZ, I should be trying to hit all my favorite places, but Wildflower has such a great menu and the kids love it. We did a little shopping and checked out a few new stores in the mall. I was scoping it out for future shopping excursions.

We moved into Casa Barkat tonight. We had a pretty smooth transition and it is always nice to stay with friends.

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