Thursday, July 06, 2006

I can hardly contain myself!

Only 3 1/2 more days left in the Du. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! The things that I am going to do when I get home: visit friends, see our dogs, got to Trader Joes, swim, have a few cocktails, have Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, go to the grocery store, go to the mall, go to my nice gym, dine out at real Western restaurants, go to Target, go to Changing Hands Book Store, go to my knitting group, and the list goes on! As you can see I really miss the food from home!

This week I learned how to make my ayi's yummy jiaozi (Chinese dumplings). I am going to make them for my book club. I thought it would be fitting we are reading the book "The Good Women of China" by Xinran. The book gives you a good look into the minds of Chinese women who lived through the Cultural Revolution. I would definitely recommend it.

I think Jonny is getting really sad to see us go. He decided to take tomorrow off and hand out with me and the kids. We should have a fun filled week-end with lots of packing and hopefully a little day trip.



Mel said...

Save travels! We look forward to seeing you and the kids.

Meegan Blue said...

Have a great time Kim.'s gonna feel so fun to be stateside again for a while! Enjoy yourself...I wish you had time for a little Portland side trip. xo

Tracy said...

The dumplings sound good. See you soon!

Cacti to Cornfields said...

Lucky dog! Have fun! Give Pam & Nance & Kelly hugs for me. I just saw Pam yesterday in Chicago (Evanston, actually) and we had a great time hanging out and catching up over lunch. Be safe!

Dan and Madeline said...

There are no doubts that Jonny will be sad without you! You're his other half. I'm confident you'll handle the traveling with the kids like a pro...let me rephrase that "like the pro that you are." Anyway, hope that you have a safe and uneventful trip. If it is eventful, hopefully it will only be a mere annoyance or bizarre happening that will make entertaining fodder for your blog's faithful readers.
- Madeline