Saturday, July 22, 2006

Update on Jonny's Summer

We have been away from Chengdu for almost 2 weeks and although we are having a fabulous time with our friends in Arizona, the kids and I really miss Jonny. While we are away Jonny had planned on doing quite a bit of site seeing without us because there are many places to visit that may or may not be so kid friendly. We thought it would be a great idea for Jonny to scope out different places for us to go as a family. He went to a place called Tao Ping Village which is a place where the Qiang minority people live about 4 hours from Chengdu. Here are a few pictures from his exploring.

JD Zhangzhai_1

Tao Ping Village

JD QInagzhai_2

Nice Bananas!

JD Qiangzhai+1

JD Qiangzhai(wicker basket)

JD Qiangzhai(river)

JD Qiangzhai(Party jiu)

One evening Jonny spent with the villagers dancing around a fire and drinking their jiu (alcohol). He told me he tried to refuse, but it Chinese fashion they forced on him (or was it just Irish fashion to accept???). He said it was horrible!!!

JD Qiangzhai(hotel)

Here is where he slept. Jonny and our driver paid 100 rmb to stay one night, which is about $12.50 US. He said it was very cave like, but at least they had clean sheets on the bed.

JD Qiangzhai(cabbage)

JD Qiangzhai (above town)

JD Qiangzhai

Looking forward to pictures from his travels around Chengdu this week-end.


Tracy said...

Looks beautiful!!Looks like you guys will have alot of places to visit when you get back to china.

Maura said...

Wow. Very cool!